Your My Ice Hockey support options


Tutorial Videos

According to the “First Steps” from the Coach Manual

General Information
The main info

Step 1: Login
How to register

Step 2: Manage Players
Manage age group(s)

Step 3: Manage Staff
Add and search staff

Step 4: Teams
Create unlimited amounts of teams

Step 5: Games
Create your games

Step 6: Practice Groups
Create as many practice groups as necessary

Step 7: Practice Planning
Create your own practice plan

Step 8: Practice Info
Manage your practices

Step 9: Drills
How to use drills

Step 10: Monthly Planning
Create a monthly/annual plan

Step 11: Player Status
How to use the different statuses

Dossier Videos (From Pro Version)

Dossier – Files
Share files with the players

Dossier – Star Profile (only for Switzerland)
Create STAR Profiles, Self-Evaluations and SMART Goals

Dossier – Valuations
Evaluate players with notes (1-5)

Dossier – Ratings
Evaluate players with a plus-minus rating

Dossier – Tests
Create tests

Dossier – Compare Players
Compare players graphically

Dossier – Talks
Create player conversations

Dossier – Weight & Height
Enter values for weight & height for the players