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My Ice Hockey is distributed by Force8 Club Management.

Since 2008, Force8 Club Management supports associations in their administrative and strategic tasks.

The demands placed on Board of Directors are constantly increasing; members want to be professionally cared for and want to be offered the best service. Many good ideas are present in clubs. Unfortunately however, these ideas are often at the wrong time, which results in little to no implementation – or rather inadequately implemented.

The question then begs, who can be contacted by the association if there is no (suitable) in-house resource for specific administrative work? Or is there simply no time to do all the work on time?

Force8 Club Management is the answer – providing a helping hand for clubs. Force8 Club Management has in-depth club knowledge, good technological know-howand a profound marketing understanding. Our qualified and motivated employees keep your back free, so you can concentrate on managing your club.

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