Fill in your details for the summer, pre-season and winter season. Enter a start / end date and specify how long the corresponding practices take. Define the practices units per week – for on and off ice trainings.
Do not forget to press ‘save’.
These data can be adapted at any time.


We distinguish between ‘school holidays’ (‘can be trained’) and ‘practices-free time’ (= can NOT be trained), national team (= some players may be absent) and ‘camp’ and ‘event’.
Under ‘action’, this data can be adjusted or deleted at any time.


Monthly planning is the anticipation of the coming season. What do you want to practice when and how? We distinguish between two practice variants:

1) Federation-near variant
2) Individual variant

1) Federation-near variant
The topics are divided into Key Elements (KE = 20 points) and Sub Elements (SE = 5 points). Now open the desired topic and drag a Key Element or a Sub Element into the desired month in the calendar.

In order to simplify your monthly planning, My Ice Hockey uses an ingenious algorithm. This calculates for you how many points and topics you should use during a season. The goal is that you have finished all areas to zero points. Then it is ensured that you have planned your season perfectly.

If the planning becomes confusing over time (there is quite a lot to plan!), simply click on ‘filter by topic’ – and you can concentrate on the individual topics.

2) Individual variant
Click on ‘Individual elements’ – so you leave the Federation-oriented planning and can start your individual planning.


Load your own individual main elements, elements and the description.


You can add a player to your club in three ways:

1) Single player
2) Mass Import
3) Players without club

Important instructions:
We distinguish between A and B licenses.
A = Main club. Can change basic data (date of birth, e-mail, license number)
B = Secon club. Can not change basic data.
An individual e-mail address must be mandatory per player. Also applies to brothers and very young players.

1) Single player
Manually add the required data.
Important: The fields marked with * are required.

2) Mass import
Please download the import template and read the ReadMe file.

3) Players without club
Here you can search for players without clubs and possibly  add them to your own club.

Attention: A and B license problematic!

National Players: From SIHF added players are marked with a National flag. If the club’s e-mail correlates with that of SIHF, the National player can in his player platform not only view the club trainings & games but as well as the data entered by SIHF. All the player need to do is to click on the club logo at the top right and select SIHF.


Here are listed all your imported or manually added players. Click on the name to change the player data. Here is also the only place where players can be removed from the club.

Note: From here, you add a player to one (or more) age groups. Select the player and click the red ‘+’ at the bottom left.


Here are listed all your imported or manually added staff members. Click on the name to change the staff data. This is also the only place where you remove staff from the club.

Note: From here, you add a staff of one (or more) age groups. Select the player and click the red ‘+’ at the bottom left. 


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