My Ice Hockey supports the 5th DEL2 Perspective Camp

My Ice Hockey supports the 5th DEL2 Perspective Camp in Selb

As part of the camp, an online workshop will be held on the topic of digitalization in ice hockey and location development. In addition, Markus Gleich, DEL2 talent and location developer, will be given access to the “My Ice Hockey” platform to take full advantage of this advanced technology. This allows him to simplify administrative tasks and make them more efficient.

The slogan “from Coach to Coach” is put into practice, as My Ice Hockey was programmed by an experienced ice hockey coach and expert. The German Ice Hockey Federation (DEB) also works with the app. Since its launch in January 2020, processes such as season and training planning as well as team and player management have been significantly simplified and standardized across all teams.

Christian Franz, Business Development DE/AT Force8 AG: “We are delighted to be taking part in the 5th DEL2 Perspective Camp to further promote digitalization in ice hockey and support the development of the location. Together, we are working to take the sport and the support of athletes to the next level.”

Markus Gleich, Talent and Location Developer DEL2: “With the ‘My Ice Hockey’ platform, we have a powerful tool at our disposal that helps us to make the training and development processes of our talents even more professional and efficient. Digitalization offers us enormous opportunities here, which we can now use in a targeted manner.”

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