Show Case: Talk with Thomas Jungo (Sensee Future) about the J+S NDS Import

We caught up with Thomas Jungo, Development Manager at Sensee Future, for a chat about the My Ice Hockey J+S NDS import. Here is the open and honest interview:

Marco Bäschlin: Thomas, we’ve known each other for a long time. How are you and how did Sensee Future do last season?
Thomas Jungo: Oh! As always, I had a lot on my plate – I certainly didn’t get bored last season! I would like to emphasize our wonderful basic work in the recording level, in which we are also this season among the best training clubs in Switzerland on rank 6.

Marco Bäschlin: Among other things, you are also responsible for the J+S entries, right?
Thomas Jungo: Yes, that’s right. With 250 trainers, this is a very important source of income for us. Accordingly, we take the whole thing seriously.

Marco Bäschlin: How do you proceed when it comes to the attendance check (AWK)?
Thomas Jungo: For some time now – and since the last season exclusively – the AWK has been regulated via My Ice Hockey. The players know that this is the only place to sign out. If they don’t do it, there’s already the ‘unexcused status’. This is not to play policeman, but knowing that the AWK has to be right and there is a lot of money at stake at the end of the season. Since My Ice Hockey has released a J+S NDS import since this season, all coaches were again urged to closely monitor the AWK in My Ice Hockey.

Marco Bäschlin: And? What did you do then?
Thomas Jungo: To be honest: Nothing for the first time (laughs)! Because the AWK list came together automatically! I only became active again when the deadline of J+S was approaching.

And then it started: Within a very short time I had to register all seven age groups. For this I used the new J+S NDS import module of My Ice Hockey. At the beginning I thought I could simply make an export and import it into the new J+S NDS – but it was not that easy: I contacted MIH Support. They helped me immediately in a very competent and uncomplicated way. I followed their advice and descriptions.
I admit it: I had about 90 minutes with the first age level. But after that everything was clear to me and I was able to import the remaining six levels within 2 hours. In other words: I had done my entire J+S registration within one afternoon!

Marco Bäschlin: Nice! That’s the way it has to be. But Thomas, there are other ways to do the registration, right?
Thomas Jungo: Right. I know from other clubs that they use the J+S Mobile App. There, the coaches simply track the AWK after each training session – that works, too. I decided to go the My Ice Hockey way because I already have the AWK in My Ice Hockey and therefore the export/import solution fits well for me.

Marco Bäschlin: Thomas, thank you very much for this interview and all the best.
Thomas Jungo: Thank you Marco, you too.








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