Cooperation hockeydata Inc. / Game Pitch and Force8 Ltd.

The Austrian sports data specialist hockeydata Inc. / Game Pitch and the Swiss Force8 Ltdwhich develops team and athlete management systems (AMS), are working more closely together with immediate effect. In the first phase, the two SportsTech companies will focus on ice hockey, where hockeydata’s /Game Pitch’s systems (game statistics, electronic game reports, game and player registration management) and Force8’s AMS My Ice Hockey are widely used. 

Via interface, the data from hockeydata /Game Pitch is synchronized with My Ice Hockey, stored in the user accounts with the teams and players, so that the customers themselves no longer have to enter or upload data manually.

“With both systems in use together, our clients achieve maximum efficiency.” Force8 CTO Marco Pargätzi.

“When we realized how excellently our solutions complement each other, the logical conclusion was that we had to use these synergies for customer acquisition as well.” René Ortner, Managing Director hockeydata.

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