Creative use of My Ice Hockey

Big interview with Silke Möll from EHC 80 Nürnberg e. V. with the Nürnberg Ice Tigers Juniors.

In order to strengthen the ”we” feeling in the club and to put the sport of ice hockey more in the spotlight, the Nürnberg Ice Tigers Juniors produced social media clips for the 00-Challenge of the age groups U9, U11 and U13. Silke explains how the My Ice Hockey Software has supported them in this.

MIH: Dear Silke, what was the reason why you started this campaign at the Nürnberg Ice Tigers Juniors?

Silke: Due to the Covid-19 situation, it is currently not possible to practice on the ice and the players no longer see themselves in the scope of the usual practice and playing activities. Therefore, we wanted to carry out an action that strengthens cohesion, promotes the ”we” feeling and awakens the fighting spirit.

MIH: And what did it look like?

Silke: The players had the task to shoot a video of themselves. A role flew into the picture, creative tricks followed. Afterwards the role flew on.

All clips were cut together into a video and accompanied by music. The three finished videos of the U9, U11 and U13 were uploaded to Instagram, Facebook and the homepage of EHC 80 Nürnberg e. V. The video with the most likes won.

MIH: To what extent was the My Ice Hockey software able to support you?

Silke: First of all, we informed everyone involved about the project via the e-mail function in My Ice Hockey.

Then, to upload the films to the club cloud in My Ice Hockey, we set up a link divided by age groups so that the players could easily upload their films to the right place.

All communication and data management was done via My Ice Hockey.

MIH: How many people were involved?

Silke: Over 100 participants. It was an outstanding participation with extremely much commitment and joy among all participants.

We were able to use My Ice Hockey particularly efficiently when it came to obtaining parental permission to use the films on social media.

We sent them via My Ice Hockey. The parents printed them out, signed them and then uploaded them to the player platform without any complications. Also the check if all files were available could be done quickly and clearly via My Ice Hockey.

MIH: That sounds like a considerable time saving.

Silke: Very much so. It was also very helpful that we were able to send reminders via push function to those players who had not yet submitted the videos or the consent forms by the deadline. It was all very clear, easy to understand and super structured.

The project was a complete success and a great team event on all levels.

MIH: Thank you Silke for the interesting conversation.

You can watch the very successful videos here.

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