Show Case with Lele Celio: My Ice Hockey Helper Platform

We had an interesting conversation with Lele Celio – youth developer, U13 and skills coach at HC Ambri-Piotta Giovani – about My Ice Hockey (MIH) and how he uses the helper platform:

MIH: Hello Lele, you are one of the very early promoters and fans of My Ice Hockey. Can you tell us more about that?
Lele: Yes, I’d love to. I started with the first version of MIH, which I got to know and appreciate through Marco Pargätzi (note: at that time ice hockey coach and today CTO at Force8 Ltd – the manufacturer of MIH).

MIH: What is your role today?
Lele: After the association work, where I was allowed to create with you the planning tool for the courses at the SIHF, I went back to HC Ambri-Piotta together with my brother. There I am the training and U13 level manager, as well as skills coach.

MIH: How many players and coaches work with MIH at HCAP Giovani?
Lele: We have about 450 players, 10 coaches and 70 staff members.

MIH: And now you wanted to cover the helpers through MIH as well?
Lele: Exactly. We have a lot of volunteers – without whom our operation would not work. This starts with the referees, goes on to the admission controllers, to the organization of the penalty bench and scorekeepers, to the people responsible for the cake stand. And for this organization, I wanted “digital” support, which I found in MIH.

MIH: Can you explain how you do this exactly?
Lele: The first thing I did was define our helper functions. Then I recorded the helpers and unlocked them. There are helpers who always do the same job. Either because they want to – or because they have been specially trained to do so. I can assign the desired job to these people. Others I ask for selectively via email. Since the helpers also have access to MIH, they can then select the jobs that are still open and sign up for them. The coach, team manager and the helper admin thus have a wonderful overview per event of who is taking on which jobs – and which are still open.

MIH: How has this process been received by the helpers?
Lele: Oh, it’s always the same – you have to communicate it clearly and implement it consistently. For us, there are no other channels for training and game planning than MIH!

MIH: Lele, do you have any advice for the other coaches out there?
Lele: Yes. Ask yourself if you are getting the most out of MIH! Used correctly, it can do a lot. I’m not only talking about the helper platform, but also about the tests, evaluations, talks, SIHF games sync, tournament module or the J+S import.

MIH: Thank you very much for this interview, Lele.
Lele: Grazie a te.


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