Interview with Ursula Slongo – leader U13-U17 and head coach U15 at Argovia Stars

We met Ursula Slongo – leader U13-U17 and head coach U15 at the Argovia Stars – for an interview and got these exciting answers:

I work with My Ice Hockey because:

  • I can prepare the practices and they are visible for all coaches and players.
  • I find many new and interesting drills.
  • I can put together practice groups / teams.
  • Each player sees the practice and game schedule tailored to his or her needs.
  • Unsupscription for practices/games is standardized across the entire club.
  • Personal responsibility of the players/parents when unsubscribe. Smaller administrative effort on the part of the club.
  • Consistent rules governing the convocation/ convocation can be sent quickly and easily. Low effort on the part of the coach.
  • By disciplined unsubsciption always clear how many players / Goalies on the ice and practice can be adapted so.

What is your favourite feature of My Ice Hockey?
At the moment the game planning is in the foreground for me. Since we are few players, good planning is extremely important. By dividing the players into teams (one player also partly in 2) I can unlock all his planned games for the player. This avoids overlaps (players are shown in red). What happened again and again, and the player can sign out for games. We do this in a disciplined way. So I see in time if I have to postpone a game due to too many absences. The earlier I postpone a game, the easier it is to do this with the opponent. This helps enormously in the planning. You don’t suddenly stand there without a player. That’s why the feature “Games” is my favorite at the moment.

What is your main efficiency increase?
My biggest efficiency increase is that I don’t have to keep different lists anymore!

Does My Ice Hockey make it easier for you to work with partner clubs?
Yes, now that more and more clubs are working with My Ice Hockey, it is also easier for the player to change clubs or play with a B-license in another club. He already knows how the administrative side of the new club works!

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