My Ice Hockey Free is the ideal product for all ice hockey coaches,
who would like to use an online season planning and practice software free of charge

My Ice Hockey Free includes the following modules:

MIH V3 DE Staffplattform

· Monthy Planning


· Practice Planning


· 1,000+ Drill Collection

Simplify your

monthly planning

Select your topics and elements to be trained and simply drag them into the appropriate training month. In order to simplify your monthly planning, My Ice Hockey uses an ingenious algorithm. This calculates for you how many key aspects and sub aspects you should train within a season. The goal is that you have planned all topics and elements perfectly.


1,000+ Drill Collection

A level-based drill collection ensures that your practices never get boring.

Convenient Practice Planning

You create your practices based on your monthly planning – always knowing what your focus should be


Note: For ice hockey CLUBS, we recommend the more comprehensive versions My Ice Hockey Starter, Basic or Pro. These versions include player and team management, game administration, player dossiers, detailed analysis and scouting functions. A club can enter all desired age levels and assign individual access rights – from the administrator to the assistant coach. Any number of teams can be used. Here, you will find more information.

Monthly Planning


Drill Collection

My Ice Hockey Free is free-of-charge –
click here and get started right away

Free Starter Basic Pro
Licence Containing CHF 0
from CHF 25
per month
from CHF 60
per month
from CHF 140
per month
ADMIN LICENCE PER MONTH Monthly fee including 1 x admin licence. CHF 0 CHF 25 CHF 60 CHF 140
For each age group you will need one level licence (minimal 1 level). The assigned coach can work on this age group on all features. CHF 6 CHF 25 CHF 35
ASSISTENT LICENCE PER MONTH (OPTIONAL) Provides additional access for an assistant coach on a specific age level. CHF 4 CHF 10 CHF 17
ADDITIONAL ADMIN LICENCE PER MONTH (OPTIONAL) Provides access to all age levels. The admin opens new seasons and has access to all teams and trainings.  — CHF 9 CHF 35 CHF 40
In licence included support. none  0.5 Stunden  2 Stunden  5 Stunden
Additional support.
E-Mail: free
Phone: 3/Min
E-Mail: free
Phone: 3/Min
E-Mail: free
Phone: 3/Min
E-Mail: free
Phone: 3/Min

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